Some how summer didn’t end quite like I had planned.

Since I have last blogged about scraps of my life:

I started physical therapy because my foot is, unfortunately, still not healed from my fall the end of July. Today for the second time in two weeks they have had to put a bone in my foot back in place. Ouch!

My daughter missed the cut off for kindergarten by nine days so we started her in preschool instead. She loves it most days. She had a few days when she finally realized she was no longer in charge of her daily routine and had to submit to the schedule of someone else and thus didn’t want to got, but she seems to be doing fine now.

My son broke his arm on the playground at school (30 minutes before I was supposed to pick him up to head out of town for a weekend camping trip and church retreat).

As you can see, not only was it broken, but displaced. Four ER doctors and four support staff couldn’t get it to move back in place and they ended up having to call someone from orthopedics to set it. Thank goodness for conscious sedation which made it a whole lot less painful of a process for him than it could have been. He got his cast off  yesterday. It isn’t completely healed (the doctor said 85 percent), but at least he doesn’t have to wear a cast any longer.

OK, that catches you up. :) I did want to share photos from my daughters 5th birthday party a few weeks ago because my friend made a really awesome cake and I just have to show it off.

My daughter requested a Tangled themed party.

The welcoming activity was a craft I found on the Disney Family Fun website to make your own 3-D Pascal. My idea was to have the kids color and assemble two each for a game later on in the party. This took much, much longer than it should have and ate up a great deal of our party time. The kids (who ranged in age from 4 to 11) found them difficult to cut out and assemble so a few of the parents ended up having to assemble them for them. If you are going to try this craft, I recommend cutting them out ahead of time to save time.

By the time we finished this activity, the pizza had arrived so we took a break to eat. We had the usual pizza and chips but I also made a Caramel Apple Cheesecake Dip from the Half Baked Blog I found through Pinterest and called it Maximus’s Apple Treat. I confess to modifying the recipe by using the Kraft Philadelphia Ready to Eat Cheesecake Filling. Oh my, is that stuff good! We had some graham crackers left over from our camping trip so I paired the remaining filling with those a few days later for a quick and easy (and yummy) snack.

While everyone ate, two of my awesome friends added a piece of candy to the 3D Pascals  (I used a bag of Tangled Pinata filler I picked up from Wal-mart) and hid them throughout the house.

After we ate, we played Pin the Nose on Flynn. (Poster Board drawing based on a picture of Flynn from the Wanted Poster in the Tangled Activity Kit, also from Disney Family Fun). I gave each child a small square of paper and had them draw Flynn’s nose for the poster. I had a “duh” moment when one of the children asked why the paper wasn’t sticky. It didn’t occur to me to use Post-it Notes! (I just gave them a piece of tape.)

After that, we painted salt dough ornaments, which I had made ahead of time and glued a magnet to the back of, shaped like the sun image from the movie. I used the bottom layer of the sun from this Golden Sun Medallion Craft and enlarged them a little in Photoshop. I originally thought of doing all three layers from the craft and made a few to test but they didn’t fit all that well together after they were baked (because this was only the second time I had made salt dough ornaments and am not all that great at figuring out the right thickness) so just made some small and large suns.

I was going to hang up my test suns that I had layered as decorations from the chandelier, but I forgot so just laid them on the cake table.

After painting we hunted for the hidden pascals. To make it more challenging since there were only two per child, each child had to try to find the one they had colored.

Then it was time for presents followed by the amazing Tangled cake my friend made.

I think everyone at the party was totally blown away by this cake. Thank you, Sherah! Except for a plastic cup to support the weight of the tower on top of the cupcakes (which was covered with marshmallows), the tower was completely edible. It was made using ice cream cones with cake baked in them (two  turned with the bottoms facing each other), two cupcakes for the house part on top of the cones, then an upside waffle cone for the roof.

I was planning to do a crazy hair activity with toy hair extensions (Wal-mart, 97 cents for four in the party aisle), hair clips, and pipe cleaners, but because the first activity took too long we ran out of time so just divided up the supplies for this and put them in the favor bag along with the rest of the pinata filler candy.

If you are looking for more ideas for your own Tangled themed party, be sure to also check out the Paging SuperMom blog.